RESEARCH BY Richard Palmer

Mohawk Chief Steam Boat

Geneva Palladium
Wednesday, Aug. 28, 1822
Steam Boat

On Saturday last, Mr. Battle, the projector and builder of the Steam-boat, Mohawk Chief, took on board a number of citizens and a few hands who are acquainted with the navigation of the Mohawk, and started up the river, for the purpose of trying the machinery.

And although not half the power of steam (as represented by the engineer) was applied, which the machinery is calculated to bear, still se went off in fine style, till she came to a rapid, called by the boatmen knock-em stiff; this she ascended, though not with the same velocity, as she is calculated to do when her machinery is completed.

After having handsomely passed the rapid, she was hove about and proceeded down the river about two miles below the city, when she began o hove about and returned to her moorings.

During this trial, she was propelled by power applied to wheels fixed in her stern; Mr. B. not yet having completed that part of the machinery, calculated for rapids, which is by two setting poles on each side of the boat, to be worked by the power of steam.

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