RESEARCH BY Richard Palmer

Myron Holley Packet Boat

Ontario Repository
Tuesday, Nov. 27, 1821

The last Palmyra paper gives us the particulars of the proceedings at that place, on the 15th inst. in launching a new and elegant Packet Boat, built by Mr. Seymour Scovel, for the conveyance of passengers, and finished in a style and with accommodations superior to any boat heretofore used on the canal.

The proceedings evince the same lively interest that is always felt in whatever relates to this great inland communication. As she glided into the waters of the can, the air resounded with the cheers of numerous spectators, the animating strains of music, and the roar of cannon.

The proprietor then announced her name, the MYRON HOLLEY. A short and suitable address was then delivered from the boat, by Israel J. Richardson, Esq. after which the company partook an excursion of a few miles down the canal, in this novel mode of conveyance. In the evening, about 100 of the party partook of a supper prepared for the occasion by Col. Rogers.

The Canal is now navigable on this section, from the Irondquot (cq) in Pittsford, to within a mile of Lyons - about 28 miles.