RESEARCH BY Richard Palmer

Riot in Lockport

Lyons Advertiser
Friday Jan. 10, 1823

Buffalo Dec. 31

Riot. On Tuesday night last, a misunderstanding took place, between a retailer of liquor and several canal diggers, at Lockport, Niagara co. Which terminated in a general battle between the citizens, in self-defense, and the diggers their assailants. It seems the villains made free use of clubs, stones and whatever else they could lay their hands upon.- About twenty persons are said to be more or less injured, two of them John Jennings, a mason and Frances Postal, a carpenter, are so much so that little hope is entertained of their recovery. Postal was struck in the forehead with a stone so violently that a small fragment of it was driven quite through the skull into the head. The rioters were finally overpowered, and twelve of them arrived in this village, ascorted an armed guard, on Sunday evening, and were committed to the county goal.