RESEARCH BY Richard Palmer

Damage to the Northern Canal

Lyons Advertiser
Friday, July 26,1822

The Northern Canal- A singular fatality seems to attend the progress of the Northern Canal. Last year the destruction of the dam across the Hudson at Fort Edward, and an unaccountable error in determining some of the levels delayed its completion, and prevented its becoming useful for that season. By the following from the Albany Gazette it will be seen that the patience of Northern brethren is again most severely put to the test:

We extremely regret to learn that the late rains have done very great damage to the northern canal, by breaking its banks carrying away bridges &c, &c. and that the great dam construction in the Hudson river at Port Edward as a feeder has been again materially injured. Upwards of 70 person were on it at the time it gave way aiding and assisting in putting in a situation to resist life freshet. Fortunately and providentially, the part at which gave way moved only about six feet; had it been carried off, not one of the 70 would probably have escaped with his life. Many of the rafts which had remained in the canal since the spring, were broken up, and carried may rods on the land and otherwise damaged. The quantity of lumber in the canal, between Whitehall and Fort Ann was estimated to be worth 15 to 20,000 dollars, and upwards of 100 persons having the charge of it, have been encamped on the banks of the canal for nearly two months, waiting for a rise of water to enable them to raft it to market. All hopes of being enabled to do it the present season, we fear must now be abandoned.