RESEARCH BY Richard Palmer

Fatal Accident at Lockville

Wayne Sentinel, Palmyra
Tuesday, Dec. 6 1931

Melancholy and fatal accident.

Col. Daniel Hendee of Lockville*, in this county, and formerly of this village, was drowned in the canal or lock, at that place, on the night of the 29th ult. The circumstances were as follows: A boat had got entangled in the lock, at a late hour of the night, and Col. Hendee who had the charge of the lock, was assisting to extricate the boat.- He was suddenly missed, but no particular alarm was felt for is fate, until some minutes had elapsed, when a fruitless search was made for him both in the lock and through the neighborhood. The search was renewed early in the morning, when his lifeless body was found in the canal a short distance below the lock. The supposition is that he must have fallen into the lock while engaged as above stated, and drowned instantly- his body going out of the lock with the boat. Col Hendee has left a number of orphan children, and a large circle of friends and connexions to deplore his loss. His funeral was attended on Friday last.