RESEARCH BY Richard Palmer

The Grand Canal

Lyons Republican
Friday, Aug. 3, 1821

The Grand Canal.

The business of the Canal progresses rapidly in this vicinity. We are informed from a respectable source, that the whole of the western section, extending from Montezuma to Rochester is under a great state of forwardness. The principal part of the excavation between Rochester and Palmyra is completed; from Palmyra to this place, and from this to Montezuma, there has been several jobs completed and accepted of, and the remainder is progressing in a manner to be completed about the first of September. There is at present some difficulty in procuring a sufficient number of hands, as laborers are in great demand at this season of the year among the farmers, but as soon as the bustle of harvesting is over this difficulty will subside.

The season has been rather unfavorable to the progression of the work on the Cayuga Marsh, owing to the quantity of rain that has fallen. The stone work throughout the line is progressing tolerably well, and will no doubt be completed in season.