RESEARCH BY Richard Palmer

Laborers Wanted for Cayuga Marshes

Geneva Gazette
April 18, 1822


Are wanted, for about ten weeks, to work in the construction of the Canal through the Cayuga Marshes. Good hands shall receive from twelve to thirteen dollars per month, in cash, to at the end of every month, week, or day, at their option. They shall be well fed, and lodged in comfortable shanties, with sufficient blankets. They will be subject to some inconvenience from water and mud; but a portion of the work will be dry; and all experience proves that men may labor on the Marsh without any unusual exposure of health until the middle of July, before which it is intended to have this portion of the Canal completed. Those, who are willing to be employed, under this notice, can apply to either of the subscribers at Montezuma.

Canal Contractors

April 5, 1822.

I certify that Hovey & Wethy are responsible men, and that I have full confidence that they will pay all the hands employed by them according to agreement.

Canal Commissioner