RESEARCH BY Richard Palmer

New Lock Navigation in Clyde

Geneva Gazette
Nov. 18, 1818

From the Waterloo Gazette

It is with extreme satisfaction, that through the medium of your press, I can inform the public, that on the 19th ult. the first heavy laden boat passed the Lock, lately constructed on the Clyde, near the new Milling establishment of the Messrs. DeZengs, at the village of Clyde, in the township of Galen. This valuable improvement completes an excellent Durham-boat navigation, through, perhaps, the most fertile sections of Seneca and Ontario Counties, for upwards of forty miles west of from the Seneca river; and creates an eligible site for all kinds of hydraulic operations, at a point where it has hitherto been considered utterly impracticable to raise a sufficient head of water.

Besides, it is not the least pleasing reflection, that in the course of a very few years this stream may become a most important link in the chain of our western inland navigation.

In justice to an undertaking of such magnitude and and utility, I am proud to acknowledge the enterprise of the Messrs. DeZengs, advised and directed by the skill of that architect and mill-wright, Mr. James Valentine. May success reward their efforts.