RESEARCH BY Richard Palmer

Reduction of Toll

Lyons Advertiser
June 21, 1822
Reduction of Toll

At the late meeting of the Canal Commissioners at Buffalo, the Collector of toll of this village informs us, that a resolution was passed, by which the toll upon all articles passing on the canal, between the Seneca and Genesee Rivers, is reduced to one half of the rates charged elsewhere. One reason of this reduction is said to be the deficiency of water. There is water enough in the canal to render it useful for navigation, although as the feeder from the Genesee river is not yet introduced, boats are not able to carry more than half loads.

Another reason probably is, the navigation through this part of the canal line, is connected with that of the middle section only by passing for about twelve miles on the Seneca River, of which the water is unusually low. Both of these reasons are expected to be obviated soon, by the completion of the feeder, and by finishing the great work through the Cayuga marshes, where the labor of excavation is now going on more successfuly than it has been at any former period. Whenever these works are completed, and the proper quantity of water introduced, the toll will again be raised to the common rates.